You know how everyone is going on about how “gut health” is important?

Well, that’s because it is 🙂

An excellent probiotic can be beneficial in so many ways.

For example, if I have bread or beer (basically things with yeast), all sorts of funky things happen to my body; but if I have my probiotic I know that those things will be negated.

My eldest used to wheeze and sneeze and cough a lot, so much so that the doctors were suspecting asthma. I gave him a course of probiotics and he’s now okay; still gets the sneezes due to allergies but as soon as they come on, I give him some probiotic.

When the little boys have too much sugar (thank you, Halloween), a probiotic helps balance them out.

Think of how everyone says that your abdominal muscles are your “core strength” when exercising, well your gut health is the core of your healthy body.

The brands you are able to buy at the supermarket and health food shops contain about 25 billion of good bacteria in each dose.

The probiotic I use, contains 30 billion per dose, but even more amazingly, as it travels to your gut, it actually accumulates the good bacteria, so by the time it has arrived at the destination, it actually contains 1.5 TRILLION good bacteria!

Kind of like Pac Man 🙂

Here is the link:


Modere Probiotic

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