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Ah, the things I do for you….

In my never-ending search to find the products which are safe and effective for you and your family, I have discovered the “Healthy Armpits” deodorant from Simple ChemistryNon toxic all natural Deoderant

This deodorant was developed by Erika, who has been in the natural health industry for quite some time. It only has five ingredients. They are all safe. You could probably eat them if you wanted to. (please don’t)

It’s a bit different because it comes in a pot and you have to get a bit on finger and rub it onto your armpit. Because it has coconut oil in it, the consistency changes, so you might find in the warmer weather it gets a bit runny, in which case you just pop it in the fridge.

Erika advises not to put it on straight after shaving, as the baking soda in it may sting your armpits. However, I consider myself the guinea pig in the interest of the world at large, so I did apply it straight after shaving and it did not sting. Having said that, once I had a cut on my finger when I got some out and when it got onto my cut, yes it stung! This leads me to a conclusion that it probably stings your armpits if you cut them when shaving or perhaps if you have sensitive skin.

Alright, now. We HAVE to sweat. ( I’m pretty sure we covered this before.) Our bodies get rid of the nasties by sweating, so it is a natural and much needed process. The thing which makes our sweat smelly is the bacteria on our skin. The sweat itself doesn’t smell.

So. Personal experience here. I run around quite a bit after all the kids and also as I live in quite a warm area, every time I hang the washing out, for example, I sweat because my washing line is in direct sunlight.

When I normally become aware that I stink is when I am putting the twins down for a nap. I lie down between them and put my hands under my head. As I do this, I become aware of the smelliness of my armpits and quickly put my arms down before my poor children pass out from the fumes.

So when I started using “Healthy Armpits”, this was the time when I noticed a difference. Lied down, put my arms up, remembered that oh no, I should really put my arms down, and then…hang on, why? My armpits do not smell!! Yay!!!

Not only is the smell gone, I have also noticed a great reduction in wetness. Of course it is not an antiperspirant but I think that the baking soda may have something to do with absorption.

It also, does not stain your clothes once you have rubbed it all in (you only need a small amount, less than a five cent piece) and the smell is not overpowering. It smells lovely, like sweet orange, but if you are wanting to wear an actual scent as well, this will not overpower it.

I am really blown away by this product and so grateful to Erika for creating it and also helping change this planet to a happy healthy one.

You can now buy this wondrous deodorant online here.


This is my new favorite thing, I am predicting this is going to be HUGE!!!


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