I am  Ana Hall and my passion is helping people to Live Clean and be happy.  I achieve this by providing information about ingredients found in every day food and every day products, which may be potentially harmful.

The things that we eat and absorb and the things our children eat and absorb, play a major part in ours and our children’s health; and we all have the right to be healthy and happy. This can be achieved through the choices we make every day, sometimes without even being aware of doing so.

I will also help you by providing you with alternative, healthy and safe options.  This way you have information and knowledge to make the right choices as a consumer.



Hello there, beautiful one, and welcome!!


Majority of us strive to live our lives in the healthiest way we can. We know for example, that exercise is good for us, that smoking and alcohol are bad, that we should eat lots of fruit and vegetables and that fat and sugar are bad, so on and so forth.

And we try and we fail, and then we try again. Recent media coverage and literature has made some of us aware of ingredients in the foods we buy off the shelves in supermarkets so now, some of us have started reading the labels.

This is fantastic to see and definitely a step in the right direction!

What personally scares me is that sometimes, the products we put on our skin are so much worse than what we eat.

When we eat, the food is digested by our bodies, toxins flushed out by the organs (if they are healthy and co-operating) and then the whole cycle starts again. I am not saying that some of the things we ingest are not a cause of concern, they most certainly are, and I will be covering those in depth.

When we use personal care products, not only are they absorbed by our skin (which is the largest organ in our bodies) but also through our hair (hair dye, shampoo, conditioner, hair styling products), eyes (eye make-up, shampoo or lotion running into our eyes), nose (hair sprays, perfumes and powders) and mouth (lipstick, lip balm).

The trouble is that what chemicals our bodies cannot break down get stored in the fatty tissue and in turn, our organs. When we use chemicals repeatedly (like say, shampoo), this then has a cumulative effect and more and more toxins are stored in our bodies every single day!

Think about all of the personal care products you use in the course of a day. I am going to use my husband as an example. In only one day, he will use antibacterial liquid soap (repeatedly), hand sanitiser (repeatedly), antibacterial bar soap in the shower, caffeine shampoo which he thoroughly rubs into his scalp, then he finishes with a few good sprays of antiperspirant deodorant before he brushes his teeth with a fluoride whitening toothpaste.

And this is an example of a male. If you are a female or know one, I can leave it up to you to add another five to fifteen products on top of that.

Even scarier? It doesn’t stop there.

Things we use everyday in the household, dishwashing liquid, dishwashing powder, laundry powder etc etc; they ALL unknowingly expose us to an array of toxic cocktails. For example, a small amount of the laundry powder which stays on the clothes after the wash will be absorbed by our skin when we are wearing our clothes. Most of us wear clothes every day, I sure try to.

And not only are we unknowingly slowly poisoning ourselves, we are doing it to people around us, like our children.

Putting chemicals on our skin can actually be worse than eating them. When you put something on your skin, it is directly absorbed into the blood stream without getting filtered and then straight into your organs.

When you put something in your mouth, the enzymes in your saliva and stomach break it down until it’s flushed out of your system.

Having said all that, please do NOT go and eat a tube of hand cream!

Whilst my professional background is mainly in finance, banking and lending, my passion has always been natural health.

For the last 20 years, I have done extensive research within the natural health field and especially in the last 15 years since I have had my first child.

I am now blessed with five children and natural health and all round safety has never been more important to me.

I believe in awareness and informed choices.
So, what I do, is help you become informed. Help you be aware of what you are consuming so that you have the knowledge and the power to make informed choices.

I also provide you with a range of options for safe alternatives.

My aim with this website is to provide you with as much information as I can (without boring you) so that you become aware and are then able to make informed choices for you and for your family.


 Information is Key, the Choice is YOURS